Don't buy insurance based on a best-guess. Buy insurance based on your good driving.

Safer Driving. Lower Premiums.

It's that easy.

You're busy so let's cut to the chase: if you're interested in safe driving and lower premiums, then keep reading because this is for you.

More people are on the road than ever before and in the midst of a distracted driving epidemic, it's getting harder and harder for all insurance companies to keep their rates as affordable as possible.

If you're one of the many people who know safe driving is important, then you're working hard at being a better driver so why can't you get recognized for your good work?

Now you can.

This is all interesting, but can you help me understand why Usage Based Insurance ("UBI") is important?

Why Safe Driving Matters

2015 was the most dangerous year to drive since 2008.

Distracted driving is out of control and everyone's insurance premiums are going up.

What are you going to do about it?

If you're even asking yourself that question, then we want to talk to you because you care about safe driving.

The Big Picture

Distracted driving is responsible for 25% of the accidents on the road today and the financial analysts are already warning us that car insurance is going up for everybody.

Why are rates going up?

  • Gas prices are staying low.

  • More cars on the road, driving more miles.

  • Motor vehicle deaths up 8% in 2015 and rising. Most in 50 years.

  • Average cost of repair claims going up.

  • Insurance premiums are increasing for everyone (even safe drivers!)

Simple to plug into your car

This tracks your driving which sounds scary but really isn't. It's like a fitness tracker for your car.

Learn about your driving

In the safety of your home, you can check your trips to see how you scored.

Save money by driving better

Get recognized for your good driving and get the discount you deserve.

Let Darby Work for You

This is the future of driving. Darby helps you drive better, safer, and more efficiently. Make a connection with your car and start saving today.

Smarter driving, that's Darby.